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Entertainment Salman Khan Again Displayed How Big His Heart Is And Changed The...

Salman Khan Again Displayed How Big His Heart Is And Changed The Life Of This Girl

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As we all know our Bollywood’s “Bajrangi Bhaijan” keeps on donating and helping the needy people. Now, once again he had displayed that he is not going to stop helping others. In his show “Dus Ka Dum” a woman named Pinky Shah came and was able to win only Rs. 20,000 and was looking upset.

Pinky is basically from Kolkata and her occupation is sales girl. She said she wants to send her daughter to a good school and her daughter is now studying in an NGO’s school. But this is really a small amount and she will not be able to do the same.

But “Bajrangi Bhaijan,” said that she doesn’t have any need to worry about her daughter’s studies and let her daughter study how much she wants. Bhaijan assures her that he will pay all the expenditure of her daughter’s studies.

This is how he once again proved his kindness towards humanity. May he live long and God bless him. This is really a great gesture of Bhaijan towards needy people. We all should appreciate him for his kind works because he deserves more than this.


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