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Who Is This Boy Whom Salman Khan Loves so Much And Can Do Anything For Him?

Superstar of Bollywood, Salman Khan needs no introduction. He is the most popular actor of the Bollywood industry. He has a number of fans worldwide. He also never let down his fans. Salman is a very down to earth actor. He is a family man and his life revolves around them completely. He is very close to his parents Salim Khan and mother Salma.

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However, Salman loves all his family friends equally but there is one family member who is closest to Salman’s heart. He can do anything for this member, who is a boy. The boy is none other than Salman Khan’s younger brother Sohail Khan’s son Nirvaan Khan.

Salman shares very strong bonding with his nephew Nirvaan Khan. He really fond of Nirvaan and loves him so much. Nirvaan Khan is already a star. He is a 16 years old and has a number of followers on the social media. He made headlines last year when a Dubsmash of him lip-syncing Shah Rukh Khan’s Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai went viral.

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