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This Man is Guarding Salman Khan From 20 Years Takes Salary in Crores, Meet His Bodyguard Shera

Wherever Salman Khan goes his bodyguard Shera goes along with him. He is guarding Salman Khan from long 20 years now. His name is Gurmeet Singh Jolly aka Shera. After serving for so many years for Salman Khan now he is not just a bodyguard but shares a status of a family member of Salman Khan.

According to a report published in a popular website, Shera takes a fee of Rs 2 crores per year for providing security to Salman Khan. Means he gets rs 16 lakhs per month for guarding Salman Khan. When Salman Khan has to reach some place or venue, Shera inspects the place carefully one day before. Sometimes he even walks for 5 km in order to clear the way. Once upon a time, Shera had to walk eight kilometers for the car to clear the road.

How Shera became Salman Khan’s bodyguard?

Shera was fond of bodybuilding since childhood. This is the reason that he was chosen junior Mr. Mumbai in 1987 and Mr. Maharaja in the next year’s junior category. He was born in a Sikh family. His father runs a workshop of vehicle repairing. Father calls him Shera with love. This is his pet name.

He came into the profession of security providing on a friend’s suggestion. His company’s name Tiger Securities is inspired by Shera’s son Tiger. In the beginning, Shera was a bodyguard to some Bollywood stars while they used to shoot in India.

The year 1995 was a turning point for him when Sohail Khan chose Shera’s company service for Salman Khan’s outdoor shoot. Then Sohail asked him, “will You stay With Bhai Always?” he replied yes. From then to now Shera is with Salman Khan as a family member.


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