OMG! Superstar Salman Khan Accused of Torturing an Old NRI Couple Mentally, Here’s The Reason Why!

It seems life is in no mood to spare Salman Khan. After having a number of charges against him in the court already, he gets mired in a legal trouble again! This time an old NRI couple has filed a complaint against him. Here ‘s the reason why!

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Salman Khan has again found himself in a legal trouble. The fresh issue is a land dispute case. An NRI couple has allegedly accused the Bollywood ‘Dabangg’ of not letting them obtain electricity from his property which they claim is rightfully theirs.

To make the issue public, the couple organized a press conference where they shared these details and also added that they have been barred from entering Salman Khan’s property. But Salman Khan’s lawyer has some different story to tell,  he claims that Salman Khan has done nothing illegal and that the accusers are simply trying to capitalize on their name.

On the professional front, Salman Khan will soon start working on his dream project ‘Bharat’, which is also a comeback movie for Priyanka Chopra. Disha Patani is also starring in the film.

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