Every time during the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episodes, we expect Salman Khan to give a tight slap of words to the nuisance creators. But now every weekend what are we noticing is Salman Khan keeps ragging Karanvir Bohra for no solid reasons and fans are wondering why?

Karanvir who seems to be a balanced, sensible player, who held his own well, and looked good doing it. As far as the show goes, he has always been respectful towards other contestants and to the host, Salman Khan. Then why he always stays on Salman Khan’s target and that too for no fault. Salman Khan cracks jokes on him.

In the premiere episode, KV’s face was blackened as part of Salman’s prank. Though the host did this for a laugh, it didn’t go down well with the actor’s fans. After that also, Salman Khan continued humiliating the TV actor during the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes. He can be seen making fun of KV’s dressing sense. His constant critique of KV’s hair and his choice to leave his shirts/jackets unbuttoned and choosing floral and pink-coloured clothes has become truly irksome.


The constant remark on KV that he isn’t smart or efficient enough, and jokes about how the actor gets the lowest votes during every eviction, is making the fans wonder if Salman really has something personal against Karanvir. However, whatever the reason is, it’s not going well with the KV fan. Here we would like to praise Karanvir for handling all of this with so much grace and positivity!

Dolly Bhardwaj
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