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Infotainment Salman Khan Killed The Black Buck, Says The Driver Of The Gypsy

Salman Khan Killed The Black Buck, Says The Driver Of The Gypsy

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Salman Khan got acquitted in the chinkara case on Monday by the Rajasthan Court and while his fans welcomed this verdict while some people expressed their displeasure over this decision. The Sultan actor and his family is extremely happy with the acquittal especially his father Salim Khan. He even confessed that he was sure his son would get a clean chit. But now there is a whole new twist to this case which might just shock you.

Harish Dulani was the driver of the gypsy in which Salman and the others actors were seated. Harish revealed that he wasn’t called for the final hearing when Salman got acquitted.  Dulani added that Salman was the one driving the gypsy and he fired the bullet to kill the blackbuck.

The driver of the jeep that was used by Khan and his co-stars on their alleged hunting mission was  missing, weakening the prosecution’s case against the movie star.

Indeed this shocking revelation made by Harish Dulani has bought the whole new twist to this case.

“I stick to the statement I made before the magistrate 18 years ago, that Salman Khan got off the car and shot the deer,” Harish Dulani.

“My father received threats, so I got scared and moved out of a town near Jodhpur. If I had police protection, I could have given a statement. That was what I always intended.”

In his statement before a judge after the incident, the driver had said that “Salman Khan was not only driving the gypsy but he also shot the deer. He even got off to slit the neck of the deer and then drove the car again.”

While clearing Mr Khan of the charges on Monday, the Rajasthan High Court overturned earlier verdicts that sentenced him to jail time and said there was no evidence to prove that the deer found dead were shot by Mr Khan’s licensed gun.

Harish Dulani has been missing since 2002, which weakened the prosecution’s case against the movie star.

salman khan


Watch the whole interview here at NDTV.com

Mr Khan’s lawyer argued that Dulani was unreliable and never available to them for cross-examination.

This is surely a game changer for the whole case. Lets see what new turns this case takes.


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