Salman Khan Makes The Headlines For Completely Different Reasons This Time At IIFA 2022

This year at IIFA 2022, when everyone was in the headlines for a good reason, the superstar grabbed eyeballs for something that was disappointing. Read to know:

Salman Khan

Salman Khan has hosted the Mega show at IIFA Awards 2022 in Abu Dhabi this year. From Ananya Panday, Shahid Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan, Aishwarya Rai, and Abhishek Bachchan many other celebs like Nora Fatehi from the film fraternity also showed their presence there. Amid this numerous pictures also surfaced on social media. However, when everyone was talking about the skits, performances,s, and awards. Salman Khan at the same time made headlines for completely different reasons. And that was the rude behavior that he showed to R J Siddharth (a famous Indian television host). A video from the IIFA Press-Conference event surfaced, that showed Salman insulting him.

In the video when the Tiger 3 actor gets introduced by the host, at that very moment, Salman interrupts him and says “Hello, namaste, salam alaikum, sat sri akal, kemcho, adab, assalamualaikum, keep quiet. He’s bored us to death. How do you manage to do these things, so much, so, much…However when Siddharth tried to change the topic, Salman even continued further to say. “Yeh IIFA wale bhi nahi mante, har ek IIFA mai issko leke aate hai (the people at IIFA also bring him back for every award function), it is that… wo lull hai na before the storm that you guys are going to create tomorrow…that…yeh lull period hai isska.”

After the video surfaced on social media people showed disappointment in the attitude he showed towards Siddharth Kannan. Soon the comments started pouring up. One user said He is rude and has an extremely bad attitude,” while another comment read: “Salman has too much attitude. Teasing the emcee, the guy running the show. Rude.”

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