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Entertainment Salman Khan's Shocking Reaction To Manveer Gurjar's Marriage

Salman Khan’s Shocking Reaction To Manveer Gurjar’s Marriage

Wedding videos of Manveer Gurjar appeared online soon after the grand finale and spectators of Big Boss have been pondering if conjecture about him being already married are true or not.

According to the reports from a leading news website-:

“Salman Khan was quite laid-back when he was informed about Manveer’s wedding news. He was neither shocked nor amazed instead it looked as if he already knew about it or presumably just didn’t want to pay any attention to it”

Salman Khan and Manveer Gurjar

Surprisingly, Manveer himself hasn’t yet admitted to being married. Media and his fans are waiting for a statement from his side. But Manveer’s uncle told TOI in an interview saying that Manveer never lied about his marriage, even Salman Khan knew about it.

Gaurav Chopra (who was a contestant on Big Boss season 10) revealed to an entertainment website that-:

“As far as I can recollect, he once told Bani J that he was a father to a five-year-old girl. Then, he turned around and said he was joking. It is quite possible that he is a married man.”

Bani j and Manveer Gurjar

At the end of the day, this all has become a confusion, whether Manveer is married or not.

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