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“I Felt Like a Raped Woman” Salman Khan Sparked Controversy And Shocked Everyone

It seems controversy is Salman Khan’s best friend. Wherever he goes it follows. Among his pack of controversies, this one was made by him during the promotions of his film Sultan. Actually, what happened was in an interview to the entertainment website, spotboye.com, the 52-year-old actor compared his exhaustion from a physically demanding shooting sequence to the film to the exhaustion of a “raped woman”.

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This remark sparked a controversy and the Maharashtra State Commission for Women summoned the Bollywood superstar for a hearing. While the social media and the state and National Commission for Women (NCW) got offended and demanded an apology from the star, the Bollywood, on the other hand, stayed mum on the topic.

But Salman Khan soon realized his mistake and apologized. His father Salim Khan also apologized for his son’s behaviour. Many of the film stars like Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra referred the comment as ‘insensitive’ but they also said it was ‘not intentional’.

The actor’s full quote, according to audio recordings released by the media, was:

“When I used to walk out of that ring, it used to be actually like a raped woman walking out.”

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