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Salman Khan Snatches a Fan’s Mobile Phone While he Was Filing Him, Lands in Controversy

Earlier today, Salman Khan was snapped riding a bicycle on the streets of Juhu in Mumbai. Now a complaint has been filed against the actor by a fan. The complainant has accused Salman of snatching his mobile phone when he was filming the actor while he was cycling.

As per the reports, a fan and a journalist named Ashok Shyamlal Pandey told the media that he and his fellow cameraman spotted Salman on the road. They then started following him and filming him after taking permission from one of Salman’s bodyguards. However, Salman Khan didn’t like it and involved in a feud with the cameraman group.

Pandey accused Salman Khan’s bodyguard of misbehaving and Salman Khan of snatching his mobile phone. However, later, the phone was returned back to the journalist.

But one of the witnesses told a different story, he said when Salman Khan was riding a bicycle, these two guys came suddenly and started driving right next to him. They bothered Salman Khan’s way and were constantly clicking videos and photos of the actor. Firstly Salman Khan generally asked them to stop.

His bodyguards also requested the guys to stop shooting immediately but they didn’t stop. Salman Khan again warned them but kept clicking and shooting. This was also causing a traffic jam, and then, Salman came and snatched his phone. But after cycling a little ahead, he safely returned the phone to the man.

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