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Entertainment Facts: When Salman Khan Was Tied to The Rope And Thrown Into...

Facts: When Salman Khan Was Tied to The Rope And Thrown Into a Well

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Tomorrow, December 27 is a birthday of Bollywood’s Sultan, Salman Khan. He is turning 52. On this special occasion of his birthday, we have brought something which is very shocking. Keeping an eye on his career graph we will get to know that the actor has been a blockbuster machine. Apart from films, his number of charities show the actor has a heart of gold. However, the actor is also controversy’s favorite child.

From his colorful collage of incidents and memories, we found something interesting. But before that, we want to tell you that Salman was a swimming champion in school, and had also represented India at various International events? He has been a professional swimmer. However, not many would be aware that Salman had learned swimming in the first place to save his life. Here is an interesting story behind that.

Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Alvira Khan and Sohail Khan

The actor’s biography ‘Being Salman’, revealed that when he was a kid he used to spent his school holidays relaxing in Indore, his ancestral place. Once, his Badi Ammi tied Salman to a rope and tossed him into the neighborhood well. It was his first lesson towards swimming.

In a promotional event, on recalling the incident, Salman said that,

“I learned swimming in Indore in a well when I was nine years old. My cousins tied a rope around my waist and threw me into the well and said ‘now move your arms and legs and you will learn swimming’. There was a turtle in the well, a small fish and a big fish and a water snake. I got so scared that I learned how to swim to save my life. After that, I won many certificates.”

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