Salman Khan Will Charge This Many Crores For An Episode Of Bigg Boss 14


Unlock 2.0 is currently there in the country. Many things are on exemptions. Shooting of TV and film can also start soon. At present it is allowed only under certain special lines. In such a situation, there is a great news for the audience.

Bigg Boss 14 is coming soon

Famous reality TV show Bigg Boss is coming soon with its 14th season. Significantly, the previous season was very popular. Actually after seeing the TRP of the show, the makers extended it for more 5 weeks. Bollywood actor Salman Khan plays an important role in making this show a hit. He have been hosting this show continuously since Bigg Boss season 4.

The number of Salman’s fans is in billions. Many people just watch Big Boss only because of Salman. The TRP of Bigg Boss also gets the benefit of his brand value. This is the reason why Salman increases his fees after every season. For the last season, Salman took 12 to 14 crores of every episode. It is reported that Salman is going to charge 16 crores of every episode for Bigg Boss 14.

Let us tell you that makers have also started preparing for Bigg Boss 14. This show can be on aired in October this year. Significantly, only the stars were there in the last season of the show. In the new season, along with the Commoners, some stars will also be seen.

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