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Entertainment Salman Khan's Ex-girlfriend's Shocking Statement 'I was Sexually Assaulted at Age 5'

Salman Khan’s Ex-girlfriend’s Shocking Statement ‘I was Sexually Assaulted at Age 5’

Since the day MeToo movement has gained its momentum in India with Tanushree Dutta’s accusation on Nana Patekar, many big names have been exposed by many female celebrities. These female celebrities shared their horrific MeToo stories. 

Now one more female celeb has come forward to share her MeToo story. She is none another than Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend Somi Ali. The Pakistani-American actress reveals that she was sexually assaulted at the age of 5.

In an interview, she said, 

“I grew up amidst an atmosphere of domestic violence in Pakistan and many of my mom’s friends were victims of physical abuse as well. When I would ask my mom about the bruises on their bodies, I was always told that X aunty or Y aunty fell down the stairs. This was the standard, universal euphemism for physical abuse.”

She further shared how she got abused physically at just age 5,

 “I was sexually assaulted by a house-help when I was just five. When I am invited for a talk at high schools and universities in the US, I share this with the students. I believe sharing my personal experiences would encourage others to speak out and not be ashamed about being a victim.”

This is really shocking. With these such revelations, one thing is sure that women are not safe even at their homes. In such case, strict laws and actions are need to be taken by the government for the safety of women.

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