Doppelganger of Salman Khan Spotted in Karachi, Pakistan, Viral Video


Knowing about celebrities’ doppelganger is not something that you are seeing or reading for the first time. But this is worth considering. Recently a video started doing the rounds on the social media which amazed the users.

In the video, people noticed Salman Khan’s look-alike in Karachi, Pakistan. The video, originally shared on the popular app Tik Tok, shows a man arranging bikes at a parking lot. Dressed in a long-sleeved T-shirt and wearing sunglasses, the man exactly looks like Salman. A man can be heard saying in the video that, “Salman Khan in Bolton Market.”

To let you know it is not for the first time when we saw a doppelganger of Salman Khan that too in Pakistan. Earlier we saw a fan and lookalike of Salman Khan who had gone to jail and had told Pakistan police to jail him instead during a court hearing of Salman Khan in India.

On a professional front, Salman Khan these days is busy in the shoot of his upcoming film Bharat, also featuring Katrina Kaif and Disha Patani.

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