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High Life This Young Scientist Becomes Mr Gay India And Shuts The Mouth of...

This Young Scientist Becomes Mr Gay India And Shuts The Mouth of People Who Once Trolled Him!

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29 years old Samarpan Maity recently became Mr. gay World India 2018. Hailing from Kolkata, West Bengal winning this award for Samarpan was never been that easy! He is not a model or  fashion designer in fact he is a scientist. Maity who is working as a senior research fellow in the field of cancer drug discovery from a reputed institute in Kolkata, stumbled upon a modeling career after his friends pushed him towards getting into shape.

Read his struggle story here:

Samparpan says,

“I was born on September 26, 1988, in Siddha, a small village in West Bengal. I belonged to a middle-class family. My father was a farmer, I was 19 when he passed away. Since then I’m acting as a helping hand to my family. My mother Sushma is a teacher.”

“In villages and towns, there are only two orientations – male and female. There, people don’t want to understand about gays and lesbians. I’m an elder son, my mom wanted a daughter that’s why until the age of 3 I was treated as a girl by my mother. Since my childhood, I was fond of music and dancing. People used to make fun of me and used to say that he is a girl. From teacher to friends everyone made fun of me. That time I was little and hardly knew about my sexuality.”

On winning the title he said,

“The win made me feel that finally, my struggles got acceptance. I will take this opportunity to inspire the thousands of struggling souls out there who are seeking acceptance too.”

When asked about the recent development whereby the Supreme Court will be listening to the people petitioning against Section 377 regarding the decriminalisation of adult consensual sex in private, he said,

“The first step we need to take is the decriminalisation of homosexuality and legal protection from gender identity-based discrimination. However, within the community I find that we are still unable to accept each other the way are. There is a lot of discrimination based on femininity or masculinity, fat shaming and other factors which has made many people of the younger generation unable to accept themselves. They would rather compromise their individuality to make themselves look as others want to see them.”

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