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A Family Which Gave Maximum Number of Leading Bollywood Actresses And It’s Not Kapoors or Khans




Every year new faces come to make a name or earn fame in the showbiz industry, Bollywood. Along with that, every year new films also release. However, sometimes, some of these stars and films make the world records. Bollywood has so far made a number of records.

9 Amazing World Records Set By Bollywood That Will Blow Your Mind

Shobhna Samarth

Taking such records into the mind we will tell you about a unique record made by a popular family of Bollywood. Guess what! it is not the family of Kapoors or Khans but the family of Samarth-Mukerji.

Tanuja and Nutan

Yes, the Samrath-Mukerji family has given a maximum number of leading Bollywood actresses. This family made a world record of giving leading actresses up to their third generation. 

During the era of 40, Shobhna Samarth was a popular Bollywood actress. In the 60s era, her two daughters Tanuja and Nutan became ace Bollywood actresses. After Nutan and Tanuja, Tanuja’s daughters Kajol and Tanisha became Bollywood actresses.

However, Kajol has a more successful film career than her younger sister Tanisha. 


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