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News Samsung Is Recalling All 2.5 Million Galaxy Note 7 Units After 35...

Samsung Is Recalling All 2.5 Million Galaxy Note 7 Units After 35 Devices Caught Fire While Charging

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Samsung confirmed earlier this morning that the company will be recalling all 2.5 Million Galaxy Note 7 units that it has sold. They have also stopped sales after a potential complication was discovered with the phone’s battery.

The complication occurs when devices are being charged and this issue remains with the battery itself, rather than a faulty charging cable or power adapter. Even though it only affects a small number of devices, Samsung has decided to recall all units as it can amount to be a huge problem.

Samsung issued a worldwide recall for the Note 7 due to a large-scale battery problem after 35 users complained their device caught on fire while charging.

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Samsung said most Note 7 phones should not be affected by the issue — it’s believed 0.1% of all devices sold are at risk. The company added that 2.5 million Note 7 devices have sold since launch.

The devices are being pulled from 10 countries, including South Korea and the United States. Samsung said China is not affected by the issue because it used another battery supplier. It’s unclear if models sold in China would consequently be recalled.

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Samsung said in a news conference that 35 cases of such faulty phones have been reported till date and they estimate the problem affects 24 devices out of a million. Basically, that would mean there is a faulty phone for every 42,000 sold. Samsung president Koh Dong-jin apologised for this snafu and stated that safety of their users was a priority.

Samsung president Koh Dong-Jin

The company’s recall of millions of bigscreen smartphones isn’t going to be cheap.

The recall of 2.5 million phones is a cause of major embarrassment for the company and it will also cost them a bomb as phones need to replace as soon as possible and the halt in sales will also affect their stock price. Koh Dong Jin, the head of Samsung’s smartphone business, said at a press conference in Seoul that it was a “heartbreaking amount”.

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