High Life 19 Years Old Nurse Sandeep Kaur Shook Whole USA, Know The Reason...

19 Years Old Nurse Sandeep Kaur Shook Whole USA, Know The Reason How

If I say a nurse can be a bandit? Will you believe it? I guess no! But the story of Sandeep Kaur will definitely make you believe it.

Tick Tock. I have a bomb”

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No this is not a phrase for any game, in fact, this was a note given by a bank robber to a the cashier at Bank of the West on 6 July 2014. but if you are thinking that this bank robber is a sturdy man wearing a ski mask or wielding a machine gun, then you are completely wrong! She was a 19 years old Sikh nurse named Sandeep Kaur.

Yes, famous as Bombshell Bandit among the people of USA, Sandeep Kaur was convicted of robbing four banks in USA and was sentenced to 66 months in April 2015. If many of you are wondering what could be the reason behind a nurse becoming a bank robber? ten an extraordinary story is waiting for you!

Sandeep Kaur was born in Punjab, India. Her father was a taxi driver in California. She moved to California to his father when she was 7 years old. At the age of 19, she became a licensed nurse, earning up to $6,000 a month. But things turned awry when Kaur discovered Las Vegas at 21 and became a gambling addict.

Soon she lost interest in her job of nursing and decided to concentrate on gambling. During investigation she revealed,

“I stopped working. I can’t focus and be going to work for this little amount of money,”

However, in the year 2012, she had lost all her life savings and was in debt. She then borrowed money at a steep interest, attempting to recover what she had lost. She said,

“I ate at that table. I only took bathroom breaks… I was sitting at the table for 16 hours… hoping it’ll all change. Then it all just went down the drain.”

She had to go to Las Vegas and managed to evade the loan sharks till they caught up with her May 2014. She then somehow got the idea to rob the banks. According to her, it was the shortest way left for her to gather money. She robbed four banks without a weapon or a backup plan. Ultimately her run ended on 31 July 2014 and she got arrested by the police. She was sentenced to 66 months. Life in jail completely transformed her. She became religious and decided to help people.

Bollywood found her story interesting so one of the directors of the industry has decided to make a film based on her life. Kangana Ranaut will be seen as Sandeep with on-screen name Simran.



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