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Now Sania Mirza Will be Seen Selling 'Ghee' With Husband Shoaib Malik,...

Now Sania Mirza Will be Seen Selling ‘Ghee’ With Husband Shoaib Malik, It Was Never Expected From Her Saying Indians

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Sania Mirza is a role model for Indians. She is an ace tennis player and an inspiration for many. She married Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. As Shoaib is Pakistani so it is natural that she will get criticized by Indians for her doings. In the latest scenario, Sania Mirza is taking the Pakistan celebrity brand endorsement market by storm. The Indian tennis icon and husband Shoaib Malik are emerging the first choice to promote the household brands in Pakistan.

A vegetable oil brand in Pakistan on Thursday has released a commercial TVC featuring the Indian tennis icon and the Pakistani cricket star couple. The ad features Sania as a housewife whereas Shoaib as a cricketer. There it was, Indians felt insulted as their role model was featured as a housewife. Sania is not a fashion model so we can’t expect her to do such a role. 

Watch the ad here:

In terms of popularity and game, Sania is a way up than her husband. Well, while comparing Sania with a housewife we are not saying the housewives have the simplest job. We are not saying that one should feel insulted if her/him job is to cook food. 

So what’s made the ad inappropriate for Sania was we didn’t see Sania Mirza in it. Shoaib is a cricket player and Sania is a tennis player. That Shoaib is a cricketer is apparent in the ad but Sania is merely Shoaib’s wife, not a tennis star. If it had been any other celebrity, we would not have felt betrayed. But Sania has always come back with substance against any discrimination she has faced for being a woman. 

We are not believing is she that same Sania gave a befitting reply to a journalist who had asked when she will ‘settle’ down? She replied him if he would have asked a similar question to a male athlete.The journalist apologized for his sexist question and accepted that for a woman’ settling down’ implies marriage and motherhood.

Sania who made her choice strongly that with whom she going to marry irrespective of the two countries’ differences. She got trolled but she stayed strong and responded fiercely. She was called anti-Islamic because of her short skirts or choice of clothes, but Sania played her game on the field.

And now today all that went in vain? We are feeling so! Really feeling disappointing!

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