Sania Mirza Said To Her Husband ‘I would like to marry Akshay Kumar’


Tennis player Sania Mirza is a fan of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and during a chat show, she revealed that he would like to marry him.

Whenever we talk about superstar Akshay Kumar we always spot a huge list of fan following. Not only common people but many celebs are also in his list of fans. Famous tennis player Sania mirza is also on the list. But an amazing thing is that she was daring enough to confess this in front of her husband Shoaib Malik. When she said that she likes Akshay Kumar. And if given a chance to choose, he will surely marry the actor. Sania disclosed it during a chat show.

Actually, Senior Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik is hosting one of his shows through Instagram Live these days. Shoaib Malik chatted live with his wife Sania Mirza on the show ‘Up Close and Personal with Sania Mirza’. During the show, he was seen asking a series of questions from Sania. And Sania too kept answering all her questions. But one of the questions asked by his husband that left everyone speechless was. ‘if she had to choose between Tom Cruise or Akshay Kumar, whom she would like to marry and with whom she would cheat? To this, Sania responded without any delay saying, she would cheat Tom Cruise and would like to marry Akshay Kumar. After this when Shoaib asked her to express it she said that he liked Akshay since from the time when Mohra was released.

About the Chat Show

Talking about the chat show, let us inform you that Sania Mirza’s husband and Cricketer Shoaib Malik is hosting one of his shows through Instagram Live these days where he interacts with well-known personalities. So far he interviewed many known people like Babar Azam, actress Mahira Khan and Ali Zafar of Pakistan cricket team before Sania in this show.

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