The Last Letter of Sanjay Dutt’s First Wife Who is Dead Now Broke His Daughter Into Emotions, Read it Here!

The superstar of Bollywood Sanjay Dutt has married thrice in his life. His third wife is Manyata with whom he has twin children – a son and a daughter. Only a few people know about his first wife. Her name was Richa Sharma. She died of tumor. Sanjay met her after having a break up with co-star Tina Munim.

Dutt saw Richa’s photo in a magazine and lost her heart to her. Sanjay proposed her for marriage. Firstly she said no but gradually she started agreeing on it. They married in 1987. They had a daughter whom they named Trishala. After some years, Richa was diagnosed with a brain tumor so she went to the USA for the treatment. Meanwhile, Sanjay had an affair with Madhuri Dixit. During that period when his wife needed him the most he was busy in the extra marital affair. On December 10, 1966, Richa took her last breathe and said Good Bye to the world.

Before her death, she left the last letter for her daughter Trishala. This was an emotional letter and now her daughter shared it on the social media platform, Instagram. The 21-year-old letter has uploaded by Trishala on her Instagram and she captioned it as:

‘I found this note my mom wrote when she was dying…this was about 21+ years ago. Now I know where I get my writing skills from!….life is short….I miss her ❤️ 

In her letter Richa wrote:

“We all walk together. Each one chooses their own path. I chose mine. But I am left in a deadend street. How do I go back? Do I get another chance? Time tells all. I’ll wait even if it takes long. I know deep inside there is no way I’ll be left behind. I still have hope. My guardian angel will take me to someplace where my dreams will be waiting. They will welcome me in with their arms open with care.”

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