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Superstar of Bollywood Whose Family Members Not Lived Past 50, He Also Died at Age 47 Mysteriously

Superstar of Bollywood Whose Family Members Not Lived Past 50, He Also Died at Age 47 Mysteriously


Bollywood is a store of a number of tragedies, controversies, interesting facts and incidents. Today we will tell you something very mysterious and interesting fact about an actor which will shock you! The actor was a superstar of his times. Even today people mimic his way of acting.

We are talking about none other than the ‘Thakur’ of the blockbuster film Sholay, Sanjeev Kumar. He won several major awards including two National Film Awards for Best Actor for his performances. He is well remembered for his versatility and genuine portrayal of his characters. Did you know? His double role in the film Angoor was listed among the 25 best acting performances of Indian cinema by Forbes India on the occasion of celebrating 100 years of Indian Cinema.


He has a big fan following. Many hearts beat for him but his heart beats for only one, the very beautiful Hema Malini. He fell in love with beautiful actress Hema Malini and proposed her for marriage. But she refused and got married to Dharmendra. Kumar remained single all his life. In order to forget her, he became an alcoholic. However, there also existed one heart that beat for him only, that vowed to never fall in love with any other man again. Her name was Sulakshana Pandit. The actress was mad after him.

Sanjeev Kumar refused to marry her because he never got over his heartbreak after actress Hema Malini rejected him to marry her frequent co-star Dharmendra. Sulakshna suffered depression because of this refusal and tried to commit suicide. She never recovered from the trauma and became psychologically ill. She is unmarried even today.

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He died at a young age of 47 and surprisingly many members of his family had not lived past 50. Actually, Kumar was born with a congenital heart condition and many of his family members too, so they died young.

Sanjeev survived his first heart-attack but on 6 November 1985, at the age of 47, he suffered a massive heart attack again, which resulted in his death. His younger brother Nikul died before him, while his other brother Kishore died six months later.

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