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Even After Being a Superstar This Actor Neither Got Love Nor a House And Died at Just 47, Once Insulted by an Actress Who Slapped Him Publicly

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Ye Hath Mujhe Dede Thakur….is one of the memorable dialogues of the film industry. It was featured two legendary actors of the Bollywood who played memorable roles in the blockbuster film – Sholay. Yes, we are talking about Gabbar aka Amzad Khan and Thakur aka Sanjeev Kumar. The sad part is none of them are alive today.

But today we will talk about Sanjeev Kumar. His acting style became popular, he was one of the highest-paid actors of his time. This legendary actor was once got insulted in front of everyone. Once Nutan slapped Sanjeev Kumar in front of all. However, it was a misunderstanding. Actually, Nutan was a very good friend of Sanjeev Kapoor but their friendship was named an affair by the other people in the industry.

Nutan was signed opposite Sanjeev Kapoor in the film Devi. Initially, the two used to talk less but gradually they became good friends. It was rumored that they were dating or having an affair. Nutan was married and her husband Lieutenant Rajneesh Behal was of a strict nature. He got annoyed when he came to know about Nutan and Sanjeev’s link-up rumor. They both started fighting on a daily basis due to this. This affected Nutan’s professional life. One day when Nutan reached the film sets she found that Sanjeev was interacting with the media. However, Nutan had some misunderstanding as she thought that Sanjeev, in order to get publicity spreading their affair rumor.

She got angry and without thinking for a second slapped Sanjeev Kumar tightly in front of the media. All the people presented there got stunned after witnessing that infamous slapping story.

He failed to buy his own house

Anju Mahendru, whom Sanjeev considered his sister once revealed in an interview that Sanjeev wanted to buy a bungalow in Mumbai. But he failed to do so. When he finally able to gather money to buy his own house, his life ended.

Hema Malini rejected him

Sanjeev really loved Hema Malini. He also proposed her for marriage but she rejected him because she liked Dharmendra. On the other hand, actress Sulakshna Pandit used to love Sanjeev like crazy. But he was in love with Hema so he rejected Sulakshna’s proposal. She tried hard to convince Sanjeev to marry her but he never agreed. Then Sanjeev died of a heart attack suddenly at age 47. This made Sulakshna fell mentally-ill.

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