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Entertainment Sara Ali Khan Reveals The Secret Of Breakup With Sushant That He...

Sara Ali Khan Reveals The Secret Of Breakup With Sushant That He Was Not Loyal

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Narcotics Control Bureau is constantly tightening its grip on the drugs angle which has come up in the case of the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. In this case, Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan has also been questioned by NCB. It is being told that the inquiry of NCB has been going on for about 5 hours. Apart from Sara Ali Khan, Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone and Shraddha Kapoor have also been questioned deeply by NCB. It is being told about this inquiry that Sara Ali Khan has disclosed that thing to the NCB during this time, which was being talked about for a long time.

Sara Ali Khan, who worked with Sushant Singh Rajput in the film Kedarnath, has told NCB that she was in a relationship with Sushant. She has accepted that their affair was going on. Sara has told NCB that during the shooting of the film Kedarnath in the year 2018, they both came close to each other and they fell in love. It is being told that Sara Ali Khan has told NCB that when the two became good friends during the shooting of the film, after this they both started dating each other.

Not only this, Sara Ali Khan has also told the NCB about going to Thailand for a holiday with Sushant Singh Rajput. While giving information about this, Sara Ali Khan has told the NCB that what happened to Sushant Singh Rajput was that she had to breakup. She has openly disclosed everything about the reason for her breakup. It is being told that Sara Ali Khan has clearly told NCB that Sushant Singh Rajput’s addiction to drugs has not been the reason for her breakup at all.

In such a situation, another shocking thing is coming out. Sara had told the investigating officers another reason for the breakup with Sushant, which has now been revealed. In fact, Sara has told the NCB officials that Sushant was not loyal in the relationship and this was also a big reason to breakup with him. Also, according to Sara, Sushant was over possessive in the relationship, which upset Sara. Sara said that Sushant used to pressurize her to approach the producer/director for working with Sushant in their upcoming films. Sara told that it was not possible for her to do this, as she herself was new in the industry.

Let me tell you, during the investigation, Sara confessed that she smoked cigarettes with Sushant. However, Sara has completely denied taking any kind of drugs. Recently, a video had become very viral on social media, in which Sara was seen smiling with Sushant. According to sources, the same video is available with NCB as evidence. However, based on the video, it is difficult to say what the two were consuming. At the same time, Sara and Shraddha confessed in the NCB investigation that they saw Sushant taking drugs in his vanity van.

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