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High Life Yatrigan Kripa Dhyaan Dein! Ever Wondered Whose Voice is This And Where...

Yatrigan Kripa Dhyaan Dein! Ever Wondered Whose Voice is This And Where is She Now?

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If you ever travelled on the train in India, the possibility is there that you have heard this voice saying: Yatrigan Kripa Dhyaan Dein! It’s been 2 decades now but even now this voice doing the announcement is alive and fresh. But have you ever wondered who’s behind this voice?

Whose voice is this?

The woman behind the voice is Sarla Chaudhary. Even though she is not a railway announcer now but her voice is doing its job on point. Sarla started work as a railway announcer in the year 1982 on a wage.

In 1986 the post was made permanent. At that time, Sarla Chaudhary had to work hard. Because there were no computers and she had to make announcements at every station by reaching there. In such situation, it took her three to four days to record an announcement. Also, it had to be recorded in many different languages too. Later, with the change in time, the Railway department got advanced and the responsibility of this announcement was given to the train management system.

Where is Sarla now?

According to some news websites, Sarla Choudhary had left the job of railway 17 years ago and took the job of the office superintendent in the OHE Department. In such a situation, her voice has been saved for standby. So even today we hear the same voice whenever we are at the railway station. 

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