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When Arjun Kapoor’s Grandmother Tried to Kill Sridevi’s Daughter Jhanvi When She Was in Her Mother’s Womb

Arjun Kapoor’s mother Mona Shourie Kapoor is among those women whose married life was broken due to another woman. Yes, we are talking about Sridevi. Her married life got broke all because of Sridevi. Boney Kapoor cheated on her with Sridevi. He divorced Mona to marry Sridevi and Mona accepted his betrayal silently. But Mona’s wife Sattee Shourie wasn’t able to digest that Boney had stabbed her daughter.

She hated Sridevi. According to an article published in June 1996, in 1996 Mona and Boney were officially a couple. But Sridevi entered to their life as a third person. When came to know about Sridevi’s pregnancy, she felt helpless. But her producer mother Sattee Shourie was raged due to the injustice served to her daughter.

Once she found out that Sridevi is drinking coffee at a five-star hotel in Juhu with Boney on the New Year Eve. She reached there and attacked the couple publicly. There were even reports that Satti tried to punch on pregnant Sridevi’s womb. Significantly, that time Sridevi was pregnant with Jhanvi Kapoor.

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