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Trending Bollywood Actor Turns Poor Now Doing Job as a Security Guard

Bollywood Actor Turns Poor Now Doing Job as a Security Guard

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Mumbai is a dream city. Every year a number of aspiring actors come to this city to prove their hands in the acting field. But only a few of them become able to do so. Sometimes failures depend on destiny, luck and hard work. What lies ahead for them is a reality that known to them only.

Well, very sadly we are going to tell you about an actor whom we have watched in the films like Gulaal, Patiala House and Bevakoofiyan is suffering from the hard days of his life that he never thought of. The actor is Savi Sidhu.

The actor took to YouTube to share a 5-minute video in which he shares how after not being able to get work in the films, he had to give up on his dream of acting and landed up in doing a job of a security guard.

Savi Sidhu does a 12-hour shift every day as a security guard in a housing society of Mallard, Mumbai. He is running out of money these days. He said his health problems are also increasing. He also shared words on the bad phase of his life when he lost his wife. He added that he lost everyone close to him to death, including his parents and inlaws. Fond of films, he misses watching films in halls because he has no money to afford tickets.

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