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Say Goodbye To Those Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Eyes with Dark circles only make you look tired, old and unhealthy. There are many reasons behind these cosmetic problems ranging from stress, hereditary, insufficient or lack of sleep, poor nutritional intake or even falling ill too often can cause those bags to occur under the eyes.

However, this can be easily cured just by setting foot into the kitchen. The most popular beauty-stealer product available in the kitchen is Cucumber. The vitamin C packed vegetable can help you out to lighten the darker areas.


Dab cucmber juice directly under and around the eyes with your fingertips and let it stay there for atleast 15 minutes and surely it can work wonders if applied twice a day.


Also, you can soak cotton pads and place them over your eyes instead of using cucumber slices. Cotton pads follow the natural contours of the eye area delivering the juice to where its needed the most.


Another home remedy for dark circles is tomato juice. While it is great to apply it on the effected areas, consuming tomato juice will also help a great deal in bringing out the natural glow on your face.


Make sure to use organic products that are free from pesticides and fertilizers and you can expect cucumbers, tomatoes and even potatoes to restore your original beautiful eyes.