Drugs or Medications can make a man lose his/her perception and additionally, it disables the sense of deciding that what is actually right and what is wrong. Affected by drugs, individuals feel to be in an alternate world which appears to them as paradise, however, it is really a mere part of hell.

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Here we display the most striking video you’d ever watch. Yes, trust me, it will be a standout amongst the most horrifying stuff you have ever viewed in your life! The video highlights a person and a young lady in which the man takes drugs and assaults her severely under its impact. The question arises, Was there any sort of connection between that person and the young lady? No, they are neither a couple nor love flying creatures. Check out the full video –


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Unfortunately, Over 20,000 cases have been registered in which brother rapes sister because of drug abuse and this rate is increasing day by day. Please share your comments in the comment section below.

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