High Life Health Say No To Tobacco on "World No Tobacco Day"

Say No To Tobacco on “World No Tobacco Day”

As we know that today is “World No Tobacco Day”. So, let’s say no to tobacco and smoking as well. It is a horrible reality that 2739 die every day in India due to tobacco consumption. Apart from this, tobacco cause 7 million deaths globally every year. Moreover, India is among top 4 users of tobacco. This is really a grim and gruesome problem in all over the world. Smoking and consumption of tobacco are really harmful to us.

So, on this “world Tobacco Day” let’s take a pledge that you will restrict at least one person from your known to consume tobacco or leave smoking.

Tobacco is one of the most common and preferred forms of addiction. Although studies prove that it is really very harmful to health, still there is a sharp increase in consumption of tobacco, especially in developing countries. Moreover, Smoking causes cell damage, which leads to diseases such as cancer, high cholesterol levels, coronary and circulatory problems, respiratory disorders and an increased risk of osteoporosis.

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If you decided to leave smoking than it is a really good thing. Your body will start recovering itself after you leave smoking. Just live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips for your eating habits after leaving smoking:

  • Eat regularly to avoid overeating. Skipping meals increases cravings and will make it harder to quit.
  • Get active. Physical activity helps increase good mood hormones and helps to deal with stress.
  • Choose healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables, low-fat yoghurts and cereals. Mix the different food groups as you have a snack.
  • Remove high calories food from the house.


In spite of this, Any former smoker needs to increase their vitamin C intake to around 2000mg a day. This can’t be achieved by diet alone, so a supplement is needed,” advises Rishi Khanna. So, all the best for your upcoming healthy and happy life.

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