High Life This Heart-Touching Story Of a Scared Daughter And Her Brave Mother Will...

This Heart-Touching Story Of a Scared Daughter And Her Brave Mother Will Leave You Into Tears

A small girl cute, innocent and full of life suddenly turns into a very quiet, afraid and sad girl.Her mother kept on asking her “why, why you are so restless my child”. But the girl was not able to speak a single word. Mother was so worried about the situation as she was not able to handle her own daughter.

One day her husband was out of town for some business purpose. She was at home with her 10-year-old daughter and a son of 5 years old along with a male servant.

The girl was sleeping comfortably in her room, the little boy was playing in the home garden. Mother was cooking meal in the kitchen. Suddenly little angel ran to her mother, she was crying. Not able to explain the reason. Mother took her daughter into her arms and kept her asking the reason for crying. Again Little girl had nothing to say as she was not able to explain anything.

little scared girl and her brave mother

It was midnight when mother again saw her daughter in tears, Now she was sure that something is bothering her baby. She took her into her lap and convinced her to tell her the reason, this time a reply was there.

“Mom our servant tries to touch me badly”

child sexual abuse

Mother was annoyed and shattered, but in no time she came out of her room and banged on servant’s room. The Little girl kept on saying “mom he can harm us, papa is not here” but the brave mother didn’t want to think about all that.

She pushed the servant and showed him the door to exit. He was trying to say something, but the mother was not in the mood to listen to a single word. In no time he was out of the house.

She came back to her child, hugged her tightly and said “Don’t be scared my child I am here, Always keep in mind no matter what you need not tolerate such acts. So what if you are a girl, no one has the right to touch you without your consent.”

Now the girl might have grown up, somewhere she would be proud of her Brave Mother. We need more mothers like her who can protect her child in any possible way. Always be with your child, no matter how hard the situation is.

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