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5 Scariest Websites Blocked By Google, One Of Them Explains How To Cut And Cook Women

There are a number of people around the world who use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can search a number of websites easily through any search engine. But do you know that there are many websites in the Internet world, which are even difficult to search through the prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. They are considered as the part of a Deep Web. In this, the search engine hides objectionable content from its users or even blocks it.
The Deep Web includes the websites which contain adult or abusive content. There are many forums made by the group of people in which the websites which are considered as the part of the deep web are being discussed. The Deep Web includes the websites containing scariest content, child pornography, rape, murder etc. People can only reach such websites only if they know the complete address. Here is the list of such websites:

1) How To Cook Women

This is the most disturbing forum of the Deep Web. It explains how to cut and cook the body of a woman. It not only includes the video of such subject but also explains the guidelines to cook a woman. Because of its objectionable content search engines keep it away from the users.

2) A website which uploads the photos of Dead

It is a website which uploads the photos of dead persons. Most of the photos belong to the time of the funeral or at the graveyard.

3) Revenge Porn websites

There are many revenge porn sites on the Internet which includes the videos of people sharing private moments or getting intimate. Not only this, their address and name are also get posted under the video by which anyone can contact them.

4) Chance to do a surgery of themselves

At this forum, people get a chance to do a surgery of themselves. This forum includes the videos by watching them a person can able to do his own surgeries. However, during this, even a little mistake can cost you life.

5) Web site which includes the personal information of many people

This forum includes the phone number as well as the personal information of lakhs of people around the world.
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