High Life Headless Horseman, A Deadly werewolf And Black-eyed Children - Most Shocking Horror...

Headless Horseman, A Deadly werewolf And Black-eyed Children – Most Shocking Horror Stories

The ghost stories, is a very crucial topic, some believe the existence of the ghost and some not. But there exist some of the scariest true horror stories to have taken place in different parts of the world that are too spooky. Read out the most frightening true shocking stories below:

7 Years Old black-eyed ghost girl who was raped and Killed

In the year 1969 on 18 February, in Cannock Chase, London, a murderer Raymond Leslie Morris was sentenced to life imprisonment. He murdered and raped a little 7 years old girl Christine Darby. Earlier in 1966, the dead bodies of Margaret Reynolds, 6, and Diana Joy Tift, 5, were found which were also linked to the predator. All three bodies were found within a mile of each other.

After that, people of that particular area said that they have seen a black-eyed ghost of a young girl. It scared them so much that they stop coming out of their house late at night.

A werewolf attacking police

Believe in vampires or werewolves? No, then this incident will surely make you believe in them! In 1987, a man named Bill Ramsey, 44, claimed himself a werewolf and asked the police to lock him. When the police refused as he didn’t have any criminal record against him, Bill turned, growling and snarling at Duty Sergeant, before grabbing the 6ft tall, 14 stone police officer by the throat and throwing him across the station’s car park.

Headless horseman

Borley Rectory in Essex is widely regarded as ‘the most haunted house in England’. According to the various reports, strange paranormal activities were felt many times by the local people including sightings of a ghost nun and a phantom coach driven by two headless horsemen. In the year 1928, a local resident reported an otherworldly activity, including bells ringing and the sound of footsteps.


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