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School Children Collect Money For Release Of Jail Inmates





source : Indian Express

There are some criminals who  even after serving their sentence have to spend more time in jail because they are not able to pay the bail amounts for their release.Children of St Francis Convent School have helped 14 jail inmates lodged in bareilly district jail to see the light of day by paying for their bail amounts.

The students saved up small sums from their pocket money  and  money saved from not buying crackers on diwali. Their parents pitched in with too.The total sum collected was 14000 rupees.

Prison officials said they received a request from the school kids a few days back offering a sum of 14000 for freeing inmates serving additional sentences for imposed by court along with sentence.Bareilly jail superintendent then identified 14 Inmates with fine ranging from 500-1000 and facilitated the release of the prisoners.

This is a first isn’t it? I am sure this act of goodness will surely help and inspire those prisoners to turn their life around.


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