It is Thursday, so a little humor is in order. Here is my take on the difference between schools now and then!!

Situtaion 1:
Ajay and Sanjay get into a fist fight after School.

1980 – Crowd gathers. Ajay wins. Ajay and Sanjay shake hands and ends up being best friends.

2015 – Police called and they arrest both Ajay and Sanjay. They are both charged with assault and both suspended/expelled even though Sanjay started it.

Situation 2:
Ram fails his English exam

1980 – Gives a retest, passes English and goes to college.

2015 – Ram’s cause is taken up the state. Newspaper articles appear nationally explaining that giving emphasis on English means forgetting our culture. Some NGO files lawsuit against the education system and Ram’s English teacher. English is banned from their school’s curriculum. Ram gets his pass certificate but ends up as a peon for a living because he cannot speak English.

Situation 3:
Priya falls while running during break time and scrapes her knees. She is found crying by her teacher, Vinod. Vinod hugs her to comfort her.

1980 – In a short time, Priya feels better and goes on playing.

2015 – Vinod is accused of being a sexual predator and loses his job. Faces 3 years imprisonment.
Situation 4:
Carrying backpacks.

Rainy day
1980 – Each of your teacher insisted that you bring your textbook to class every day, and you’ve got back problems to prove it.

2015 – Many schools have gone digital which means kids get to forego the back pain and look super cool.
Situation 5:
Hari was a chain smoker.

1980 – Going to a secluded place and inviting 2-3 more people.

2015 – Photos of Hari smoking are everywhere. You name it!! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Situation 6:
Vinny and Manu’s summer break is on.

1980 – Vinny and Manu soaked up the sun rays while sitting in the verandah for two months.

2015 – Vinny and Manu have school work to do since schools added extra days to the school year to keep students from falling behind the rest of the world. Enjoy!

Situation 7:
Meera is not paying attention in the class.

1980 – Meera looks out the window or plays with her pencil.

2015 – Meera is busy updating her Facebook status and tweeting photos of her teacher that were clicked while he was teaching.


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