High Life Health Science Permits You To Eat Pizza ALLDAY, EVERYDAY!

Science Permits You To Eat Pizza ALLDAY, EVERYDAY!

Ask me to give up everything for a slice of cheezy pizza, I would DEFINITELY go for the bargain.(I can give up my boyfriend too!) I can literally substitute every food item present in my food list with a mere slice of a pizza!

pizza health concerns

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But the health concern which gorging up on pizza raises is something which stops my hand mid-way. Well now get ready to break all the barriers and shush down all the haters.

According to a study at UC San Francisco and Touro University California, foods that are high in calories but low in sugar are healthier than high-calorie foods that are also high in sugar. Which basically means that the chocolate which is (definitely) hiding on some shelf of your refrigerator is more dangerous than the greasy goodness of a pizza!

pizza is not as umhealthy as you think

The study looked at the diets of 43 overweight children for 9 days. During the study, sugary snacks were slowly swapped for ones with lower sugar, but that were also high-calorie (i.e. our beloved pizza). They discovered that when the children ate snacks with lower sugar, their overall health improved.

FINE! Not a member of the ‘Balanced Diet family’ but next time you can safely hop-up on a slice of this cheesy delight over a slice of a black forest cake!

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