Scientific Facts Behind Married Women Jewelry Will Leave You Amazed


For ages, India is known for its varied variety of gold and silver ornaments. The obsession with jewelry is deep-rooted within the minds of Indian people. Especially when it comes to Indian women who have adorned it for ages. Jewelry is timeless pieces, that not only accentuate the beauty of women and make them look amazing but also have a very high investment value. It is also believed that having a good collection of precious jewelry symbolizes social status, power, wealth, and the good status of the owner. But do you know that there is a scientific outlook behind each and every jewelry piece?. And the health benefits of it. If not then the information shared below is for you. Read to know the scientific facts behind the jewelry.

1.Mang Tikka

When we talk about Mangtikka let us inform that it is a jewellery piece which glorifies one of the most important chakras of women that is “preservation”. This ornament is designed in such a way that it rests on the centre which is the sixth chakra of the forehead which also represents the third eye also known as the power of the soul. Mangtikka is essentially worn by the brides. So in other words apart from being an asset for women, it is also the power of the soul.

2. Earrings

Another piece of jewelry that has a very specific meaning attached to them, is that an ear pierced and wearing ear-rings not only enhances the beauty but also activates the senses. That also includes the most important feature that is alertness. It helps to stay more active and alert towards sounds and movements in the surroundings. Apart from that, it is believed that earrings promote and enhances the overall well-being of a woman.


The necklace is worn by many communities as a custom at festive occasions or marriage ceremonies. This piece of ornament worn on the neck helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate as the necklace is worn near the heart. It is also believed to control emotions and strengthen love and it is believed to bind women with eternal powers and also help oneself from all sorts of evil powers.

4.Nose Ring

A nose ring is worn by women, who have the piercings done, Although these days the there is also an option for those who don’t have piercings, as they can use another one that can be easily pressed and then worn. In many traditions nose piercing is a customary and compulsory ritual, in many communities, the whole act of nose piercing is celebrated and holy rituals are carried out. Scientifically wearing a nose ring helps promote the health of a woman and directly affects her female reproductive health overall and ease in childbirth.


Bangles are one of the most favorite pieces of jewelry worn and liked by every woman. They are believed to maintain the blood pressure level. Bangles cause constant friction with the wrist and help increase the blood circulation level. Furthermore, the electricity passing through the outer skin is again reverted to one’s own body because of which the energy is sent back to the body instead of going outside.


An all-time favorite and most beloved of every girl is the ring. For ages, it is believed to be a symbol of love and friendship, commonly used as a wedding ring. However, the most magical property of this ring that most of you are unaware of is that it regulates the emotions of the person wearing the ring, especially when worn on the middle finger. The nerve of that particular figure is directly connected to the heart.

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