Scientist Discovered Interesting Nano-Creature From The World Of Reptiles


Scientist have discovered a rare species of Chameleon and named it as nano chamelion. So if you want to know why they are calling it with this name. Then here is what you should know:

Nano Cameleon

We all have heard about the tiny little reptile that we have often seen in our garden. And that’s none other than Cameleon. But did you heard of Nano Cameleon, If you haven’t heard about it yet then there’s something interesting for you? Recently scientists came across the smallest reptile on the planet Earth. And according to the research, this reptile is the smallest one that ever existed.

As per the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology, Munich, this is the smallest of all known species of reptiles. And surprisingly according to them, there could be 11,500 known species of reptiles.

So why it is called Nano

The chameleon that is referred to as nano-chameleon is just 13.5 mm in length. This means that its size can be compared with that of a seed. Isn’t it strange? Surprising thing is that Its length ranges from 22 mm or 0.86 inches from the top to the tail. But according to the research, it is being told that the female species might be around 29mm. And the german-Madagascan team was the one to discover these tiny little creatures.

About its food and shelter

It was discovered that these tiny little creatures, feeds on the mites on the floor of the rainforest. And hide in the blades of grass to save itself from predators at night time. The surprising thing is that these have been spotted in a degraded montane rainforest in the northern regions of Madagascar. There was also a blog post by Dr. Mark Scherz who also predicted that there might be some violation in the species. Or something else might be causing these chameleons to miniaturize.”

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