Scientist Richard Neave has revealed that Jesus is not Skinny, White and long-haired that we’ve been seeing from ever since. Richard Neave using all the powers of science and forensics found three skulls from Israeli Archaelogical sites and used computerised tomography to construct the best shape for Jesus’ face.


Also, from his findings Neave created a much broader and black jesus and completelly different hair.

Considering the region in which Jesus actually Lived, this new picture painted of Christ makes much more sense and since there have never been any real drawings of Jesus found, scientists are calling this new rendition of Jesus the most realistic ever.


However, ever since the picture has been released people all over are speculating its origin and time as they claim to have seen this image much before and its just resurfacing on the internet.

Also, its great to see people actually believe that how esus looked never should’ve mattered in the first place as its all about belief and faith in the spirit of the supreme!

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