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Mother Cow Finally Proves Her Worth As Junagadh Scientist Founds Gold In Cow Urine

The Mother Cow has really proved its worth and that’s also in gold. Recently, a Junagadh Agricultural University scientist found gold in a Gir breed cow urine. The news really says the truth, the experimentation of 400 Gir cows’ urine sample was done at the Food Testing Laboratory of JAU which really showed the existence of 3-10mg of gold in one-litre cow urine.

Gold Can Be Really Found In Cow Urine In Ionic Form, Which Is Actually Soluble In Water

Scientist found gold in cow urine
Source: kadvacorp

The team which tested the samples was led by Dr. BA Golakia, the head of JAU biotechnology department. According to him, the tests were conducted with the use of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) method which is also proved to be very reliable.

“Till now, we have heard about presence of gold in cow urine from our ancient scriptures and its medicinal properties. Since there was no detailed scientific analysis to prove this, we decided to undertake a research on cow urine. We analyzed 400 samples of Gir cow urine and found traces of gold,” said Dr. Golakia.

Golakia also said that the researchers properly screened the samples of urine from camels, buffaloes, sheep and goat but could only found such result in Gir cows’ urine.

JAU scientist founds gold in cow urine
Source: Googlemaps

“Of the 5,100 compounds found in Gir cow urine 388 have immense medicinal value that can cure several ailments,” said Dr Golakia added. Researchers Jaimin, Rajesh Vijay and Shraddha also assisted Golakia in this research and do deserve the credit.
When asked about their future goal, the team replied that now they’ll analyze the samples of 39 different cow breeds of India to serve the same purpose.
The people are still shocked hearing this news and the reaction from foreign countries still haven’t come.

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