Secret Google Tricks That Everybody Don’t Know

A few people may know about it but many would not know. How to pass time when there is no internet? Google has found a tremendous way about this. Offline dinosaur game pops up when there is no internet. Whenever there is no internet, it automatically comes to the page. So users can play it to pass the time. Let me tell you some more tricks of google..

Trick 1

Type “Askew” in the search bar, hit enter and your page will tilt to one side. But don’t worry, there is no problem with the screen. Only the text appears to be tilted downwards. It will be fixed once you go to the new page.

Trick 2

Type “google orbit” and click search. The very first result you will get is “Google Sphere – Mr. Doo”. After clicking on it, the homepage will start rotating.

Trick 3

If you don’t have a coin and need a toss to play, Google will help you. Type “flip a coin” and press enter. Heads or Tails… Click on the one you want, it will make your job as easy as a toss.

Trick 4

When you play a board game, you roll a dice. Suppose, you don’t have a dice or you have lost it, then Google gives you the option to roll the dice too. Just type “Roll A Dice” and you get a virtual dice.