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Seema Biswas: I Cried Every Night For Giving Nude Scenes In The Film Bandit Queen

Seema Biswas: I Cried Every Night For Giving Nude Scenes In The Film Bandit Queen


Seema Biswas who portrayed a powerful role of bandit Phoolan Devi in the film Bandit Queen revealed very shocking truths about her life on her birthday January 14. She is celebrating her 52nd birthday, she was born in Assam’s Naalbadi. She completed her education at the National School of Drama. She was born in a very low middle-class family.


She told, my father had sent me to NSD after facing lot of difficulties and I never asked him for money after reaching here. I used to survive with rupees 750 per month I got from government allowance. I used to eat just an apple for a day sometimes. 

My luck was great as Shekhar Kapoor had chosen me for his film Bandit Queen even after reviewing my not so professional portfolio. The film was made in 1994 that left a powerful impact on the audience and gave Seema a recognition. She got awarded with National Award for her performance in the film. 

She revealed very interesting facts about the film, she said the film was comprised of a number of nude scenes that soared up disputes and mired controversies. Due to such controversies,

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“I used to cry every night as I hail from a very small village in Assam where these things are not a common practice.”

While shooting nude scenes, only the director and cameraman were allowed to come inside. The film geared many controversies because of its objectionable stuff, if reports are to be believed, even Phoolan Devi opposed the film. However, later court gave its acceptance to release the film.

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