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Infotainment Seems Like A Video Of A Polar Bear Petting A Dog. But...

Seems Like A Video Of A Polar Bear Petting A Dog. But Watch Out For The Rest

A video of an enormous polar bear in Canada gingerly patting a chained sled dog hit the Internet last week and quickly went viral.The man who shot the video praised the bear for showing “that kind of heart toward another animal.”

Watch the video for yourself :

But read what the expert has to say :

Tom Smith views it all from somewhere in between. Smith is a wildlife biologist and advisory scientist with Polar Bears International, and he’s spent his career studying bears of all sorts – polar, grizzly and black. He chuckled when he viewed the “petting” video this week, which he didn’t exactly see as petting.

Bears have a sky-high “curiosity quotient” and tend to ask questions with their teeth and paws, which is why they sometimes tear up human campsites, he said. But he added that this is also a time of year when polar bears, who depend on sea ice for hunting seals, have essentially been starving for months.

“To me, it’s like it’s trying to see if the food’s ready or not,” Smith said, laughing. “It’s not surprising that it would try to explore this dog . . . but I guarantee if you left that bear there long enough, it would say, ‘I wonder what this dog tastes like?’ I’d be sorely disappointed in a bear that didn’t ultimately eat that dog.”

Okay so now you heard the expert advice, right ? It might look cute but that’s not how it always work. Anyways that was an enjoyable video.

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