New Song Of Selena Gomez And Kygo Is Too Hot To Handle, She Perfectly Disses Ex Boyfriend Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez made it again! She paired up with Kygo to give an epic number It Ain’t Me and it is too hot to handle. They come up with sexy collaboration for their new song It Aint Me. It is surely be going to rock the chartbusters. 

It aint me by Selena gomea and kygo

This new track of Selena Gomez and Kygo has just released on February 15 and fans are going already wild to listen and watch it. The USP of the song is the collaboration of these two stars together. This song will surely skip your heart a bit! Watch the video of this sizzling song here:

According to some news, this epic song of Selena Gomez is made to cut her ex Justin Bieber to the core! From the lyrics, one can easily get an idea that it is made to attack Justin Bieber.

Selena gomez new song it aint me disses justin bieber

Just one day her beau The Weekend has released his own hit on the Biebs! Well! the lyrics of the song It Ain’t Me pretty much signalizes that it is about Justin Bieber. What do you think?

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