News Selfie Related Deaths: Check Out The Countries Which Dominate The List, India...

Selfie Related Deaths: Check Out The Countries Which Dominate The List, India Is On…

Selfie, a self-portrait photograph, generally taken with a camera phone or a digital camera held in the hand or assisted by selfie stick. Unfortunately, sometimes people searching for the perfect self-portrait get carried away though and put themselves and sometimes others in harm’s way.

Countries With The Highest Number Of Selfie Related Fatalities:

Rank Country Selfie Related Deaths Since 2014
1 India 19
2 Russia 7
3 The United States 5
4 Spain 4
5 Philippines 4
6 Portugal 2
7 Indonesia 2
8 South Africa 1
9 Romania 1
10 Pakistan 1
11 Mexico 1
12 Italy China 1

According to the World Atlas, India leads with the highest selfie-related death (19) while Russia, the US, and Spain have reported 7.5 and four deaths respectively. The first known selfie death occurred in 2014 when a man electrocuted himself on a train.

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selfie related deaths
Source: Geek NG

The cases of deaths include several people falling from great heights, drowning or accidently shooting themselves while taking a selfie with a gun. Sharing selfies on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or snap chat is now the part of the life for millions of young people in all corners of the world.

selfie related deaths
Source: India TV

On the other hand, A 2013 study of Facebook users found that posting selfies or photos of oneself correlates with lower levels of social support from and intimacy with Facebook friends. At the end, we hope that this study will raise awareness of the dangers associated with taking selfies in a reckless way.

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