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High Life Five In-Flight Tips You Should Know Before Your Flight

Five In-Flight Tips You Should Know Before Your Flight

1)The Seats By The Window Are Colder

The temperature outside the cabin can fall too low as negative 140 to negative 149. During summer when you wear light clothing. So if you enjoy gazing out the window, its best to dress a little warmer or ask the crew to bring you the blanket.


2)Avoid Drinking Tea or Coffee

Keep in mind the drinking water used to prepare hot beverages on board can contain malignant bacteria such as E-coli and Staphylococcus, aureus specialists who have tested the water on various airlines have reached this conclusion on more than one occasion. So, instead of drinking coffee or tea ask for water o juice.

3)Table and Seat Pockets Are The Dirtiest Places In The Planes

It sounds disgusting but it’s true. Pockets on the seat back in the front you are sometimes full of trash accumulated during flights yep they are not cleaned s thoroughly as you expect. When it comes to the tray tables it’s even worse. One of the cabin crew admitted that people often use these tales to change their baby’s diaper!

4) Morning Is The Best Tiem For Flight

If you have a choice of time then only select the morning time to travel. moreover, there are much smaller chances to it will be delayed. Flights usually delayed because of the ripple effects of delays throughout the day. Moreover, if you have a fear of flying, specialists claimed that a degree of turbulence is reduced is reduced in the morning.

5) The Service is Better In The Final Rows

If you sit in the first two rows you will be first to leave the plane at the end o the flight as well as get a choice of the meal. On the other hand, if you pick a seat closer to the back of the cabin you will more attentive service from the cabin crew. For the crew, it’s easier to bring additional food and other things to the final rows. The crew can do it in a way that goes unnoticed by other passengers. Therefore, they can avoid additional requests up and down.

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