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High Life Eight Indian Superstitions That Doesn't Make Any Sense

Eight Indian Superstitions That Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Avoid Cutting Hairs and Nails on Saturdays

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Hindus believe that cutting nails and hairs on Saturdays brings bad luck because it makes the planet Saturn (Shani) angry and he showers bad luck on you. Oh really? Ask the people around yourself. Don’t you think that you will cut your hairs and nails whenever necessary and you will smart and neat?

You will Face Bad Luck If Black Cat Crosses Your Path

Many people in India believe that if a black cat will cross your road you will face obstacles and delays for the work you ware going for.


Shaking your Legs Will Lose Your Wealth

Oh really? Can I ask that stabling my leg will make money if shaking looses?

Don’t Go Three People Together

They believe that ‘Teen Tigda, Kaam Bigda” which means that if three persons will go together than the work you are going for will be spoiled.

Eye Twitching

Many people believe that twitching of right eye brings good luck to men and bad luck for a lady. On the other hand, twitching of left eye brings bad luck for men and good luck for women.

Kaala Teeka

One another superstition is that people believe that applying a black dot of kajal (kaala teeka) on the forehead or cheeks of a baby protect him from “Buri Nazar”.

People With Flat Feet Brings Bad Luck

This is also strange. Can I ask that if we have to bring someone to our home than we should check his /her feet first that whether they flat or not?

Avoid Sweeping in The Evening

The list doesn’t end here! Hindus believe that “Goddess Laxami” come to home between 6-7 PM so we should not sweep in the evenings because it will remove our wealth and don’t “Goddess Laxami” to come to our home.




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