Entertainment Sex On Netflix: Here Presenting You The Details About The Netflix Steamy...

Sex On Netflix: Here Presenting You The Details About The Netflix Steamy Section

Netflix has become a household name in almost every part of the world. The American entertainment company had created 76,897 “micro-genres” for its catalog, according to the article “How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood,” which was published in 2014. These genres comprising of categories from “Emotional Fight-the-System Documentaries” to “Period Pieces About Royalty Based on Real Life.”

sex on netflix
Source: The Daily Dot

Decider did an amazing research and found out 61 different micro-genres that involve the word “steamy.” What is the first thing that strikes in your mind, when you hear the world “Steamy”? Naughty!!!! Ok, there are those 61 genres:

  • Steamy British Movies
  • Steamy Comedies
  • Steamy Coming-of-age Dramas
  • Steamy Coming-of-age Movies
  • Steamy Crime Movies
  • Steamy Crime Movies from the 1970s
  • Steamy Crime Movies from the 1980s
  • Steamy Cult Movies
  • Steamy Dramas
  • Steamy Foreign Crime Dramas
  • Steamy Foreign Dramas
  • Steamy Foreign Dramas from the 1960s
  • Steamy Foreign Dramas from the 1970s
  • Steamy Foreign Dramas from the 1980s
  • Steamy Foreign Gay & Lesbian Dramas
  • Critically-acclaimed Steamy Crime Movies
  • Critically-acclaimed Steamy Dramas
  • Critically-acclaimed Steamy Foreign Dramas
  • Critically-acclaimed Steamy Independent Dramas
  • Critically-acclaimed Steamy Independent Movies
  • Steamy Action & Adventure
  • Steamy B-Horror Movies
  • Steamy Biographical Dramas
  • Steamy Biographical Movies
  • Steamy British Dramas
  • Steamy British Independent Dramas
  • Steamy German-Language Movies
  • Steamy Horror Movies
  • Steamy Independent Comedies
  • Steamy Independent Crime Movies
  • Steamy Independent Dramas
  • Steamy Independent Dramas based on Books
  • Steamy Independent Movies
  • Steamy Independent Movies based on Books
  • Steamy Independent Thrillers
  • Steamy Italian Dramas
  • Steamy Italian Movies
  • Steamy Japanese Dramas
  • Steamy Late Night Comedies
  • Steamy Movies based on real life
  • Steamy Mysteries
  • Steamy Political Dramas
  • Steamy Political Movies
  • Steamy Psychological Movies
  • Steamy Romantic Movies
  • Steamy Satires
  • Steamy Showbiz Movies
  • Steamy Social & Cultural Documentaries
  • Steamy Thrillers
  • Steamy Thrillers from the 1980s
  • Steamy Vampire Movies
  • Visually-striking Steamy Movies

Just because a “steamy” word comes doesn’t mean what you horny people thinks.

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