News Concept of Sex Robots Sparks Controversy, Experts Say It Could Encourage Rape...

Concept of Sex Robots Sparks Controversy, Experts Say It Could Encourage Rape and Child Molesting

Advancements in technology are growing day by day. Human brains have invented many eye-popping things that make life easy. Now machines will love and give you the pleasure of sex with the new sex robot revolution. Surprised? but it is not false, as now you can customize a sex robot exactly to your liking, from 19 different face options to 11 different styles of labia.

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Yes, this is the latest research done by taking sex in the mind. And with an add-on forget the cool smoothness of their vinyl sex-doll predecessors: These high-tech sex robots are made of silicon, giving them a “warm to the touch” feel. You can choose your model which is a sex robot by your own depending on their qualities they display.

But the experts have their own side of thinking, they have warned this revolution of sex robots is nothing but a threat to society towards uncharted and dark territory. Well, these sex robots have started being sold already with some raunchy names including Roxxxy Gold and Harry Harddrive. The price range of these robots starts from just under £4,000 to £11,600 for the “Harmony” supermodel.

A whole new avatar of mannequin-style sex dolls these sexbots can adopt different positions, simulate sexual movement and even display orgasms. Made up of silicon they are embedded with sensors that respond to touch, and some have pre-programmed emotions and personalities.

But experts say like Internet pornography, they will influence our society negatively depending on their affordability and people’s willingness to allow them into their lives. Not only this their revolution will lead to generating issues like rape and pedophilia. Some experts also say that in the future sex robots could be populating brothels, providing entertainment at stag nights and helping people live out guilt-free threesome fantasies.



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