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News Lose Your Virginity This Way If You Don't Have A Partner

Lose Your Virginity This Way If You Don’t Have A Partner

British men are all set to take the virginity of sex robots. We have seen an increasing effort from both academia and industry into the development of sex robots (machines in the form of women or men for use as a sex object). Cyborg developer of Realbotix Matt McMullen told Daily Star Online in an exclusive interview that sex robots are going to be mind-blowing in bed. He has developed an app so users can have an “emotional connection with the robots.”

Sex Robots
Source: Our London

He said: “Emotional connections are the foundations of relationships and that’s what we are simulating. And it’s emotions which add the X Factor to sex. I think two people can meet in a bar, have sex the same night and not remember each other’s names and say well that was fun.”

He further added that “But that’s different sex than when you actually get to know someone and you bond with them intellectually and emotionally. You long for each other and maybe you wait for sex. It is the deeper connection we all crave.”

Sex with Robots
Source: Mirror

Through an app (set up an account on a smartphone, iPad, tablet or computer) people will be able to flirt with her and talk about sex and once you get the robot, you can do that main thing (sexual intercourse). According to Mcmullen, robot sex is a sexual experience like no one has ever had before.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Matt explained:  “It’s really exciting to see where it will take us next.”

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